Steam Carpet Cleaning and Chemical Carpet Cleaning- Which is better?

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This appears to be one of the most frequently asked questions by those seeking to have their carpets cleaned. In a nut-shell, one is not better than the other, there is no difference. It’s one in the same. Let me give you one comparable example. It’s like washing your clothes; you can’t just put your clothes in the washer, and not add laundry detergent and expect them to get completely cleaned. After the detergent rids your clothing of dirt and stains, it has to go through the rinse cycle in order for your clothes to become thoroughly washed.

The same concept applies to carpet cleaning. There can be stains, dirt, and bacteria in your carpets that cannot be removed simply by steam cleaning alone. First the stains have to be identified by the cleaning technician. Second, they have to be treated with the proper cleaning solutions that cause a breakdown, which ultimately dissolves or loosens the stains, dirt, and bacteria from the fibers of your carpet. Finally the steam process is applied to rinse your carpets and extract the dirt, bacteria, and applied solutions. The end result is a beautiful carpet, free of germs, bacteria, and ugly stains.

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