• Keeling Carpet Cleaning is the best out of the other companies that I’ve used in the past, this company was much more thorough and professional. The gentlemen that cleaned my carpet was prompt, courteous, and very skilled at what he did. My carpet and sofa came out so clean. I am very pleased I called you and will be using you for now on.–Shea Butler, Lakewood, CA

  • I started using Keeling Carpet Cleaning eight years ago. Before calling them, I called another carpet cleaner that charged me for every stain I had in my carpet and the stains appeared to be gone until the carpet dried 10 hours later! Finally a friend of mine told me to call Keeling. They were professional, prompt, and throroughly cleaned my carpet and upholstery for a very reasonable price, much less than I paid the other carpet cleaner. I’ve been using them ever since. You can’t go wrong with Keeling!–Jay Rice, Gardena, CA

  • Mr. Keeling, I am a raving fan! My wife Helen had given me a massive, “honey do” that was to be completed before her return from her vacation from Boston. I waited until the last minute and it was impossible for me to complete in time. When I saw your flyer on my refrigerator I thought I had better call. The rest is history! From start to finish I was dazzled! First, a real person answered the phone when I called! Second, your guy arrived on time, WOW! Too bad how the little things seem to blow us away these days…anyway A uniformed guy came out of the truck and said Hello with a smile. He walked around our home and sprayed some cleaning stuff on the carpet and I got worried to tell you the truth. I thought he was going to pull out one of those portable jobbers that leave your carpet wet for two days. He explained to me that he was pre treating the carpet and that he had a truck mounted machine that would have me clean and dry in a couple of hours. There was no odor or chemical smell when he was done. But wait there’s more! The worker was fast and was very mindful of my furniture and when he was done he put little protectors on the bottom of my furniture so it would not dirty my carpet when we put it back into the room. Now I have to say I did get other quotes and there were some cheaper and some more expensive but KCC was worth every single dime, Heck I even gave him a big tip! If that’s not enough I was completely done when the owner came out to inspect the job and the progress. Mr. Keeling was firm and committed to my satisfaction. Finally, that old flyer is pretty ratty now and it’s still on the refrigerator, but I have Keeling Carpet Cleaning in my speed dial on my cell phone; put it in yours!
    P.S. When we referred you to Sharon she sent us a bottle of wine! She’s pleased too. Thx : )–Enthusiastically, Maceo & Helen, Palmdale, CA

  • Keeling Carpet Cleaning offers outstanding, professional service! Mr. Keeling always arrives on time and gets the toughest stains out. Our carpet was dirty and had several stains which other carpet cleaners couldn’t seem to get out. Mr. Keeling uses a steam cleaning technique that absolutely gets all the stains out! Our carpet literally looks brand new when he’s done cleaning it. We’ve had several carpet cleaners but we’ve only had one since we met Mr. Keeling. We highly recommend his services. If you want your stains gone and your carpet fresh and new…call Keeling Carpet Cleaning!–Mr. & Mrs. Edward Evans, Inglewood, CA

  • I made an appointment with Keeling Carpet Cleaning to do the work the same day I talked with them. When I returned home that evening my carpet looked like the first day it was installed and it was seven years old. If you want a good job done by someone who takes pride in their workmanship, they are the people to call. I got great work done at a fair price. Who can ask for more than that.–Frank Nelms, Baldwin Hills, CA

  • Best Upholstery Cleaner I’ve ever used. I’m so glad that I called Keeling Carpet Cleaning to clean my old couch that I just can’t part with. I was very satisfied with your Technician. He did a great job cleaning my old couch. I don’t know what he used, but the couch has been brought back to life. I appreciate your honesty and ethics. Your telephone quote was higher than the actual charge. This was the first time that I’ve experienced this type of customer service and honesty with a business in a long time. My carpet also looked brand new when your Technician finished the carpet cleaning job. Thank you.–Paula Cachini, Los Angeles, CA

  • Keeling Carpet Cleaning clean my carpet twice a year. I am completely satisfied! They are the only carpet cleaners I trust to clean my carpet and upholstery.
    –Clarissa Atwater, Hawthorne, CA

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