best carpet cleaner

Since 1999 Keeling Carpet Cleaning has been providing cleaning services to customers that are comparable to none. Our dream and idea from the very beginning was to start and create a cleaning service in Los Angeles that would build on customer service, and, equally deliver superior cleaning results. We began that mission by equipping ourselves with the proper training to become knowledgeable and efficient in the cleaning services we now offer our customers. Days, weeks, months passed as we studied carpet fibers, upholstery fabrics, cleaning solutions, treatments, and their effects on carpets, upholsteries, humans, pets, and the environment. Once ready, we launched our dream; operating on a shoestring budget, we began passing out flyers and business cards on a daily basis. You called and we came and countless clients later, it remains our objective to keep customer satisfaction our top priority. With our highly skilled and trained cleaning technicians we guarantee that you will experience a service of professionalism at its highest level. Whether in your home or business, our carpet cleaning technicians are motivated to give you the quality results you expect and deserve.

Seventeen years later we haven’t wavered on that commitment, and over the course of time and consistency, we have become one of the top carpet cleaning, commercial janitorial cleaning, and upholstery cleaning companies in the industry. For further verification to truly understand the spirit in which we operate, feel free to check out our customer testimonials or visit one of your favorite online review sites to see what our customers have written about us.

We are totally dedicated to producing the best results for our customers. It is also important to us that you are comfortable with the interaction between yourself and our technicians. Therefore, you will find our representatives to be genuinely friendly, courteous, and completely respectful to you and your property. We hope to become the company you depend on to handle all your cleaning needs.